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The geographic "patches" covered by the various ECC PRoW Inspectors (Dec 16)


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Nettles, Thistles and Trespass


Can you deviate over an electric fence into the adjacent pasture (no crops, no livestock) to avoid a stretch of nettles. The farmer was not amused and accused them of trespass and demanded an apology. The attached file gives the background.

It is likely to happen more often as paths are now only cut once per year and only about one-third of the ECC path network is cut at all. We have RA maintenance work groups and are endeavouring to set up more - however ramblers’ members are getting older.

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Paths Orders referred to the Secretary of State


Path Orders in Essex that have been referred to the Planning Inspectorate (an arm of the Secretary of State) for determination.  Orders are referred if there are outstanding objections from anybody, not necessarily the Ramblers Association.  If an objection is made or likely to be made on behalf of the Ramblers Association in Essex Area, then the decision to object has to be brought to Committee - usually the Ramblers Essex Area Footpath and Walking Environment Committee - for ratification.

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Ramblers training session in 2015

Below are 5 PDF's from Emily Shaw, who was Ramblers Central Office (now left). They are the presentations and notes on footpath matters from a RA training session in 2015.

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Tuesday, November 21, 2017