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Presidents - Note for Essex Ramblers

I would like to firstly give apologies for the large number of emails that are still in my in box many since early September when I was first admitted to Broomfield.

Secondly a very big thank you to every one who has rung and sent ‘get well’ cards. My good news is St.Thomas hope to carry out the third heart operation before Christmas and I am told this one will only involve a short hospital visit. My leg has been out of plaster for two weeks and I have been given ‘the boot’. Progress on from this will be reviewed in January.

I must say an even bigger THANK YOU to every one who has worked so very hard to pull together all the information and photographic evidence required for the NET Work Rail closures Public Inquiry hearing date. I share your frustration that this date has now had to be postponed not once but twice.

As I am sure Alan has made you aware I have not been able to continue with my previous involvement with The Essex Coast Path. Sitting at the computer in the wheelchair for more than very short periods is still a task I find extremely tiring. I am well aware some reports were finalised while I have been in hospital. And more walking out is currently taking place and I look forward to sitting and reading the results of your surveys just a soon as I feel up to it. Please do still keep me informed of your progress now I have to watch from afar. Thank you all for all the hard work you have put into helping us get the best Essex Coast Path possible for all Ramblers in Essex.

I have on a positive note been able to complete the Essex Area Membership figures previously promised for the September Area Council. These up to the first of November were sent on to Hilary yesterday in case they are needed for next weeks Area Executive meeting. The next set of figures for 1.12.2017 will be out probably arrive at the weekend from The Membership Department. I will attempt to pass them on to the people who I have recorded as Group membership secretaries. If I should now be contacting someone else after your Group AGM drop me an email. The figures for 1.1.2018 may well be out in time for inclusion with the Area Council Papers. For the meeting on 10th January a Membership Secretaries Report to one of these dates will be available.

Once I have been declared fit to drive by both the heart and fracture clinic doctors I will be more mobile again and able to do more. Till then please treasure your ability to get out and about and above all have a very Happy Christmas and New Year.

Ann McLaren 28th November 2017.

Wednesday, January 17, 2018