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ECC Vegetation Cutting now online

On 06/07/2017 13:58, Shirley Anglin wrote:
We have now launched the PROW vegetation cutting on our on-line Highways Information Map.
Turn on the PROW information and the Programme for cutting as per the below two screen shots:




An updated map view of the PRoWs that are on the annual vegetation cutting schedule.  I think that this map information works really well and is much better that the previous individual district maps.
The downside is that only about one-third of all ECC PROWs are cut and they are now only cut once per year due to budgetary pressures (there used to be two cuts per year). 
I think the map annotates paths cut by essex highways contractors or direct labour.  I think that paths cut under the P3 schemes and paths cut by farmers under the "Headland Management" scheme are not identified - so the picture is slightly less gloomy.:-)

Katherine Evans, Essex Area FP Sec

Tuesday, November 21, 2017